11 Jul 2021
On the 1st of July we received an email asking for our urgent help. A lady in Simonside was extremely upset as she had to find homes for 8 cats and 3 kittens.
4 Oct 2020
On the 26th of July Annie gave birth to four kittens. Unfortunately one died after one day and the third was n't feeding off Annie. Our fosterer decided the best thing to do was to try and hand rear the third kitten. We settled into a routine of Annie taking care of the two boys Warbucks and Ickles, while Mollie was bottle fed by her foster mum.
15 Mar 2020
More of our cats have found homes this year
11 Jan 2020
The New Year has brought some more rehoming successes.
15 Dec 2019
It's always so great to hear news from our rehomed cats. Here is news about Lucy
20 Nov 2019
The last few months have been amazing. We have rehomed 16 cats!
12 Jul 2017
We have two male kittens in Catpawcino's called Blackie and Bumble. Both are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. Update 10/09/17 - Now re-homed. Blackie now called Sooty is living as a single cat with a lovely couple. Bumble has gone to live with Molly an ex-resident of Catpawcino's. He is settled in well in his new home. Catpawcino's continues to support Feline Friends and have taken in the brothers of Sooty and Bumble. Both are black beauties who are waiting for their forever homes.
24 Apr 2017
One of our volunteers Lynne has provided us with an update on how our Feline Friends cats are getting on at the Cat Cafe Catpawcino.
30 May 2016
Joey has now joined the other lovely cats at the cat cafe.
31 Mar 2016
Feline Friends have teamed up with Newcastle cat café Catpawcino