Catpawcino update

One of our volunteers Lynne has provided us with an update on how our Feline Friends cats are getting on at the Cat Cafe Catpawcino.

Catpawcino's owner Sarah continues to help us and we have been able to rehome four cats: Coke, Gary, Joey and Tango. Currently, we have Molly at the cafe - she's a young all black cat that we collected from a home in Sunderland. She was pregnant and went on to have three kittens. The last remaining one is Lolly who is all black with four white socks. We've just had her neutered and vaccinated. Sarah has kindly agreed to also take her so mother and daughter will be back together! The cafe is on the Newcastle Quayside and is home to 8 rare and pedigree breeds. You can try to walk in off the street but booking is advisable.


77 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DE

Phone:0191 903 5085