• Sox

    Soxs is a stray from the Newcastle area. She has recently been to the vets and it is estimated that she is about 1 year old. She has been neutered. Sox has a cateract and there is no response to light so she's blind on that side. She's been microchipped and is a lovely little cat.

  • Steven

    Steven is 2 years old. He's neutered and microchipped. He's very friendly.

  • Tinker

    Tinker is 7 years old. He's been neutered and microchipped.

  • Pistachio (formerly Princess)

    Pistachio is the cat formally known as Princess and she is approximately 18 months old. She came from the same home as Annie. We said previously we were taking Princess for a vet check.This revealed she was expecting kittens, we've decided to go with a nut theme for the new arrivals names once they are born so we've renamed Princess Pistachio. We're no sure when Pistachio's kittens are due but we think early to mid August so we are making sure she's getting lots of pampering, peace and quiet. She is currently in one of our foster homes where we can keep a close eye on how her pregnancy progresses. We’ll keep you posted once the kittens have arrived. Once they are weaned they will be available to adopt.

  • Annie

    Meet Annie who is one of our latest new arrivals, she is a beautiful long haired black and white queen who is a year and a half old. Although you can't see it on this photo she has a fabulous tail. Annie came from a busy home with children.

About us

Feline Friends is a non profit charitable organisation established in 2006 dedicated to the rescue and adoption of unwanted cats and kittens.

Here are a few stories of animals we've helped in the past and which illustrate the work we do.