Simonside Cats and Kittens Foster Appeal

On the 1st of July we received an email asking for our urgent help. A lady in Simonside was extremely upset as she had to find homes for 8 cats and 3 kittens.

Her daughter had a serious respiratory condition which was becoming critical with having so many cats and kittens they had to be removed quickly. Although we are extremely short of foster homes we said we would do what we could to help. As none of the cats were neutered or spayed our priority was to get the kittens and queens  (one who is possibly pregnant) out. We arranged to go and pick up the queens and kittens. All the cats are beautiful long haired and very friendly we think they all come from the one original queen.

Once in our care we assessed them giving them flea treatments unfortunately the kittens appear to have eye infections and all had fleas which can be dangerous in kittens so we ended up giving them  baths which they weren’t keen on.

The kittens have had their first vet visit they are underweight have eye infections and have cat flu they were given medication and we hope they will make a speedy recovery. We need to get the mum to the kittens spayed as they are weaned along with any of the other queens who aren't pregnant. The pregnant queen will stay with us until she has her litter and they are weaned.

This rescue has been a very big undertaking for our charity the cost of the vet treatments, spays and neutering alone will be in excess of £800 as a small non profit making charity this will eat into our very tight budget. If you would like to help and are able too, please make a donation, however small. Please visit our Support Page.

We are working with the family to help with the toms in the meantime. We will get them neutered and provide flea and worm treatments.

We are in urgent need of foster homes, if you think you can give a safe home to any of these cats, please get in touch.

We will provide regular updates on how the cats and kittens are progressing and once they are ready to be rehomed, we will put them on our website.