Annie and her kittens

On the 26th of July Annie gave birth to four kittens. Unfortunately one died after one day and the third was n't feeding off Annie. Our fosterer decided the best thing to do was to try and hand rear the third kitten. We settled into a routine of Annie taking care of the two boys Warbucks and Ickles, while Mollie was bottle fed by her foster mum.

We kept letting Annie see that Mollie was fine and at around 4 weeks reintroduced her to her mum and her brothers, while continuing to bottle feed her. While Mollie has never weaned off mum she has formed a bond and Annie does snuggle and groom her and Mollie loves to play with her brothers. The photo shows Annie and the kittens together.  Annie who has been renamed Jenny is reserved and will be going to her new home once she has recovered from being neutered.

 Warbucks and Ickles have been adopted together and Mollie is going to Catpawcinos the cat cafe on the Quayside once she has her injections where she will stay till she finds her forever home. 

Update 14/11 - Annie has now gone to her new home.