Please support our appeal for Henrietta the kitten

We were handed a very heavily pregnant cat who subsequently gave birth to four kittens on the 28th of May this year. One was very small and unfortunately only lived two days. Also as part of the litter was a little ginger kitten who was born with twisted leg syndrome. This happens in the womb when the kitten's leg can't develop and the leg tendons are contracted. The kitten also had two tags of skin growing from both back legs. One of our volunteers worked every day with the kitten exercising the leg and the good news is the leg and paw now work normally. However, we noticed the tags of skin on the back legs were growing paws and claws, meaning the kitten had six legs.

We knew this would require surgery and started to make inquires about what this would entail. We called the kitten Henri. A local vet has kindly offered to help with the surgery but as we are a very small charity we need to raise thr money to do this we are aiming to raise £1000. We were also in for another shock when the vet informed us Henri is in fact Henrietta. Apart from having six legs Henrietta is a lovely healthy kitten who loves to play with her litter mates (see attached video). She can jump, climb, use her litter tray and once she has had her surgery, will be wanting to find her forever home.

If any one would like to make a donation towards Henrietta's treatment please select 'Support Us' at the top of this page. Thank you!


Update 16/09/18

We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated towards Henrietta's surgery. We've raised a massive £2,644 through our 'Go Fund Me' page plus another £1,845 of donations direct to the charity. 


You may have seen Henrietta's story on the local BBC news and various local and national papers, her story even hit America where she appeared in the New York Post.


Henrietta is continuing to be cared for along with her litter mate Lucy in one of our foster homes. She's getting bigger every day and although she can't jump very high her extra legs really don't stop her playing, running around or getting into mischief.


The 21st of September is going to be a big day for Henrietta as that's when she's going to meet the specialist who will be carrying out her surgery, this first meeting is to do an initial assessment.





Other good news Henrietta's mum Bridget has been adopted by a lovely family and is off to live by the coast .