Urgent appeal for Wally

Wally desperately needs an eye operation. Please could you help him?

Wally is around 6 months old. He was found living rough in Newcastle by a Feline Friends volunteer. He is a cuddly and playful kitten, but sadly he has a condition called lens luxation, which means the lenses of his eyes are detached. If left untreated this will lead to painful eye problems which will certainly leave him blind, and could require complete removal of his eyes. To prevent this from happening, Wally needs surgery - but this costs £3500. Please help our small charity to help Wally!

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Update 13/03/16 - Wally has now had his surgery. One of our volunteers travelled with him to Penrith to see the specialist and, although the surgery was was more complicated than anticipated, it went well. He has been unbelievably brave and is recovering well, becoming more confident and cheeky again by the day. He has enough vision in both eyes to live a normal, playful life (although he will have to remain a house cat). The appeal to raise funds to help cover the cost of his treatment and aftercare continues.