Appeal for George

George is a big friendly tabby cat, approximately 3.5 years old, who was found unwell on the streets of Saudi Arabia last November 2018

He was fostered for 6 months out here before he came to the UK. Unfortunately the day before George arrived in the UK the new owner got cold feet so he had to move on to another foster home in Kirkheaton, NorthumberIand who can only take him on short-term.
He is now in good health but has been diagnosed with having FIV. During the past 6 months he has been neutered, had teeth extractions and been vaccinated against flu and rabies. He loves human contact and is very comical and playful. It would be great to get him a permanent home with someone who would be happy to keep him indoors and to give him the love and attention he deserves. FIV cats stay healthy if they are kept comfortable and stress-free.
Could you give George a loving home?