Lost cat in Gateshead area

24 Aug 2015


(Awaiting clearer photograph). She is black and white, with a distinctive black circular patch between her shoulders, with a larger black patch over most of her back, black patches on the inner part of her white front legs, various other small black markings and black tail. Her left ear has some black on it, whereas her right ear does not - i.e. is virtually white. She is quite vocal, friendly, gentle and appears to be quite young. The black markings on her head come down to marginally below her eyes (looking especially under the left eye just a little bit like she was wearing eyeliner) and the white from the lower half of her face extends upwards over her nose into a point just above her eyes. The black over the upper, front part of her head has a very fine white fur 'parting' in the black (and the black marking is broken just beneath her ears at the side of her head). This cat is black and white, with the most outstanding, loveliest, gentlest little personality and is very 'kitten-like' and playful - that's once you get to know her. She's initially timid and shy and could be overlooked in a shelter, competing with kittens. She is very loving, gentle, but very timid and probably too vulnerable to be an outdoor cat since she has this peculiar habit of hiding behind, under - even inside furniture! She can hide behind a sofa cushion and you'd never know she was there! We are searching for the owner of a very loving, little black and white girl cat.This cat appeared in our garden and surrounding gardens in NE9, around August 24th, very approx. Yet had possibly been wandering for some time. She appeared following grocery van deliveries via Tesco and Sainsbury's online grocery services (Note: these vans call first and deliver groceries from online orders to a fairly wide and varied area. The groceries are picked from both Tesco Extra, Trinity Square, Gateshead and from Sainsbury's, Washington and transported to farther flung parts of Gateshead and surrounds, making a number of stops en route. So this cat may perhaps have been an accidental stowaway from a wide variety of places). She was obviously lost and stressed out and soon grew very hungry, meowing for food and attention and tried to come into the house. We are feeding her until her owner can be found and our vet estimates her current age at possibly around 3-5 years (but says this is very approximate indeed and very uncertain). Collar Status: We believe there may possibly have been a collar, which might have become detached - though this is uncertain.
distinctive black circular patch between her shoulders


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