28 Sep 2020
We have been alerted to an area in Sunderland with a large number of cats living in the backstreets. We were expecting a feral colony, but in fact most are friendly. We've currently taken in 9 cats, including two heavily pregnant queens.
22 Sep 2020
Here is the current situation for Feline Friends
1 Aug 2020
Just to let you know that we will be telling you about more cats who need to be rehomed.
22 Jun 2020
We are pleased to announce we are rehoming cats again
21 Apr 2020
Gillian Connor is currently ill in hospital. Update 13/05 - Wonderful news - Gillian has now come out of hospital and is on the mend. She would like to thank all her well-wishers.
29 Mar 2020
This is our response to COVID-19 during the coronavirus lockdown period.
15 Mar 2020
More of our cats have found homes this year
15 Mar 2020
You can now visit our Instagram page!
11 Jan 2020
The New Year has brought some more rehoming successes.
15 Dec 2019
It's always so great to hear news from our rehomed cats. Here is news about Lucy