Wilson and Ginger

About me

Wilson is a male neutered cat age approximately 10 years old. He has had vaccinations is the past when he has been in catteries during holidays not microchipped. Very Loving and gentle natured. However, as he is now getting older he is starting to neglect himself a little with grooming. He can be quite nervous around loud noises and strangers. Ginger is a neutered male approx 9 years old. Again vaccinated previously when been in catteries but not microchipped. Very loving and friendly loves to sit on knee and be petted. Fearless and territorial when other cats enter their yard. Has been known to have a few scraps with other cats. However, she is not a bit of bother.

Ideal home

Ideally to be rehomed together where possible as they have grown up together since kittens and have a very tight bond.
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