About me

Although eight years old, Sheema is tiny and almost kitten-like. She is extremely active, agile, playful and attention-loving. She’s highly curious, and will investigate anything - even it if scares her. Being very affectionate, she enjoys human company, and can become demanding if she doesn’t get enough attention. She is also highly-strung and nervous, which can take a lot of energy and patience. That said, her sweet personality and hilarious playfulness will more than reward you for your effort!

Ideal home

Sheema will do best living with people who can spend plenty of time with her and have the energy to play with her. Although she needs a quiet place to retreat to, she enjoys human company and may get lonely if left on her own all day. As an indoor cat she will also need an environment with plenty to keep her occupied. She is likely to do well, for example, in a family with children but no pets, or with an active person or couple working from home.
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