• Photo of rescue cat Queenie snuggled on a fluffy cat bed

About me

Back in August we were advised that there was a heavily pregnant queen who unfortunately was being neglected by her owner - she was not being allowed in to the house and there was a danger she’d have to have her kittens outside. We were also told this wasn’t her first litter and that she’d had her last kittens under a shed. So we took her in and Queenie gave birth to 4 kittens a week later. She was an excellent and very protective mum, and now her kittens are all re-homed she is looking for her own loving forever home. We’ve had her neutered and microchipped, and we think she’s about 2 years old. Now she no longer has kittens to worry about, her true nature is emerging: She's turning out to be a lovely companion cat who will follow you around everywhere for strokes, fuss and attention. She likes to sleep on the bed (which she has a habit of hogging!) and frequently comes up to you for head bumps and petting. That said, She hates being picked up or cuddled, which might have something to do with the early neglect she went through.

Ideal home

Queenie is not keen on other cats, although she has been living in a multi-cat foster home and as long as the others didn’t try to bother her she was fine. We think she would he happiest as a single cat with no small children.
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