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Meet The Game of Throne Kittens: First Of Their Name, Slayers Of Knitted Catnip Mice, Climbers Of Beds, Hunters Of Small Moths, Kings and Queens Of Cuteness. Born outside on the 26th of July this beautiful calico queen and her 6 kittens came to us when they only two days old. A very kind family had been feeding the mum and who decided to have her kittens their back yard. (the first picture is her and the kittens). We decided to name them after Game of Thorne characters. Mum is Calissi (Mother of Kittens) They are all doing great mum is still very wary of humans but has been a great mum, the kittens are thriving and all of them are very friendly they love to cuddle and play with people. Arya is a beautiful calico queen she is small but a bit of a tom boy she always the first to get into mischief. Sansa is a lovely white black and ginger calico kitten , she is a little more reserved and while she likes to play with her litter mates she can be a bit of a princess. Samwell is a cute ginger tom hes the biggest of the litter very gentle and loves his food. Theon is a lovely ginger tom hes very affectionate and is always getting him self in to trouble. Tyrion is the smallest of the litter he loves to snuggle up with people and will happily sit on your knee he is very brave and was the first to climb and find new places to hide. Oberyn is a handsome little black and white tuxedo tom he is very loving he likes to sleep on his foster mums bed his mischievous nature often gets him in to trouble

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Being very wary of humans we had to use a trap to get mum and then move the kittens and her to one of our foster homes. All the kittens are very sociable so should be happily rehomeable in all domestic situations. Ideally we would like all our cats to be kept indoors and as 'winter is coming' they would need to be kept indoors until at least spring and definitely not let out till they've been neutered or neutered.
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