About me

This beautiful calico queen first came to our attention in July 2018 when we were told she was living outside and was heavily pregnant but, unfortunately, we weren't able to get hold of her at that time. The next we heard about her was in July 2019 when we were told she'd just had a litter of six kittens in a back yard. The family who reported her to us had seen her being chased by children and other cats and having things thrown at her. This time, thankfully, we were able to rescue her and all six of her kittens and place them in one of our foster homes. Not surprisingly, Calissi had a deep distrust of humans and it’s taken quite a while for us to win her over. In addition to raising her own six kittens she has also been an excellent substitute mum for two motherless kittens that the charity took in. We think she's around three years old and is fit and healthy. We don't know how many litters she's had or the hard times she had to endure just to survive, but despite all this she has such a lovely nature and has never shown any aggression. She has now been neutered and microchipped and we are looking for a very special forever home for her.

Ideal home

We don't think she'll be happy in a busy or noisy household with young children; and while she might never be a lap cat, once you win her trust she will come and sit beside you and let you give her ear and chin rubs. Although she was living outside, she is definitely not feral as she loves living in a home and is fully domesticated. She doesn't scratch furniture or people and is litter trained. She's the perfect house guest. If you think you have the patience and kind heart to give this lovely cat a home please get in touch. She's definitely worth it as once you win her over she'll be a one person cat.
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